30 Reasons for Dealing with VeriSure

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October 23, 2012
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30 Reasons for Dealing with VeriSure

Your 30 Reasons Confirming You Are Making The Right Informed Decision To Deal With VeriSure Risk Advisors.
  1. We treat your Business as if it was our Business.
  2. We sleep very well at night knowing our Clients are fully protected.
  3. We will provide the very best Advice to ensure complete integrity in our dealings with you.
  4. We will work with you and provide complete information to ensure total transparency in our dealings with you.
  5. We will provide the very best solutions we believe are right for your Business.
  6. We will only deal with you free of any Conflicts of Interest whatsoever.
  7. We will not direct you to any Insurance Company simply because they provide “Back Office” inducements and financial incentives.
  8. You will only deal with our Risk Advisors who are the stakeholders in our Business.
  9. Our qualified and experienced Risk Advisors have a vested interest to achieve complete Client satisfaction, guaranteed.
  10. Our objective is to ensure each Client is integral to our business.
  11. We want you to treat our Business like it was your Business.
  12. All our Risk Advisors are fully qualified, compliant and satisfy ASIC requirements.
  13. We only use ASIC and APRA approved Insurance Companies and Underwriters.
  14. We will not expose your Business to Direct Offshore Foreign Insurance Facilities.
  15. We guarantee you will have the widest possible cover.
  16. We guarantee the best most competitive premiums.
  17. We guarantee attention to detail producing better Claim settlements.
  18. We will provide you with Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Compliance services and advice.
  19. We will provide you with full Claims Advocacy and Loss Control advice and service.
  20. We guarantee we will provide you with the best options and alternatives.
  21. There will be no hidden extra costs whatsoever.
  22. We guarantee to Report to you on time every time.
  23. We will never Report to you after expiry date.
  24. The Senior Risk Advisors you deal with wil be your personal contact.
  25. We will work hard to gain an intimate working knowledge of your Business.
  26. We are a totally Independent Risk Advisory practice.
  27. We provide impartial, unbiased and uncompromised Service and Advice.
  28. We are principal members of the independent Broking Group – IBNA.
  29. IBNA has a joint venture agreement with the AIMS Network for your added security.
  30. We will be there for you 24/7.


Our Company Philosophy :

Knowledge then Security.


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