Our Brand is built upon committed principles of

Knowledge then Security.

As Specialist Risk Advisors our objective is providing the knowledge to help Clients make transparent, informed decisions achieving best practice outcomes and developing the security to protect those decisions.

Knowledge is garnered by undertaking extensive :

  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Identification
  • Exposure Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Reviews
  • Appraisal and suitability of Current Insurance Policies, and
  • Determining Core benchmark requirements

Security is achieved by:

  • Informed Advice and Recommendations
  • Outlining shortfalls and deficiencies
  • Providing Alternative Risk Solutions
  • Developing Client specific Insurance Policies
  • Identifying tailored specific Options for Risk Exposures
  • Planning Underwriter / Insurer Strategies
  • Negotiation to achieve benchmark objectives, and
  • Placement
Our Senior Risk Advisors pride themselves on being highly Qualified, Experienced, Compliant and ASIC Accredited to ensure your requirements are our number one priority. Their extensive business knowledge and empathy allows them to support and work closely with you.

VeriSure Partner with all Business Types and Organisations to develop real security, not just insurance policies.