VeriSure partner with our valued Clients to provide the support you expect.

Dedicated Manager

As a valued partner of VeriSure you will have a dedicated Account Manager appointed to provide the Service and Advice you expect. They are responsible 24/7 for building relationships and getting to know your operations in order for them to deliver quality risk solutions tailored specifically to varying needs as your Organisation expands, grows and conducts daily activities.

Support Service Manager

Each Account Manager is supported by a fully qualified and ASIC accredited Service Manager and their team. Their role is to ensure the day to day administrative aspects of your Insurance Program receive immediate action. Working closely with the Account Manager they will also have an intricate knowledge of your operations and be able to provide any professional advice you expect.

Technical Support

In business there are a myriad of Legislative, Legal, Contractual and Compliance requirements all Organisations must adhere to.

VeriSure’s Technical Support Team are available to assist you with any issues which may arise. Simply contact your dedicated management team for immediate assistance.

Critical Claims Support

Providing alternative risk solutions and market leading, individually negotiated Insurance, specifically designed to protect your Risk exposures is only one half of the equation.

Our Claims Support team provides comprehensive claim management, negotiation and settlement facilities when the inevitable happens. All Partner claims are totally and fully managed by the claim support team in conjunction with your dedicated management team.

Specialist Support

VeriSure, through their strategic alliances, have developed a powerful network of specialists in the critical areas of Risk Management, Workers Compensation, Work Health & Safety and Business Law.

Your dedicated management team can assist you in making contact with these entities and more information about the individual specialist area you may be considering is available on our Network page.

Risk Alternatives

VeriSure continually challenge Insurance Company ethos of “standard, usual or normal” on behalf of all valued Partners. We act and look outside these restrictive parameters constantly to ensure our Partners receive the best most appropriate protection for their exposures at the most economical terms and conditions.

It is important our Partners continually challenge their dedicated Account Managers to ensure they are receiving the best protection available.


No matter how large we grow, our core values, service standards and personal attention to Partners requirements, will definitely remain unchanged. This is our solemn promise.