Free Advice

What Are You Really Buying?

Technology has increased the volume of on-line Quote Facilities.

These facilities provide fast and efficient delivery and usually cheap or cheaper premiums.

But the question remains, what are you really buying?

Are you confident with interpreting and understanding Insurance Contracts and Policy Wordings (some of which are approaching 200 pages in length)?

Do you want a Standard Policy Wording or one which is tailored to your specific needs?

Whether you elect to buy On-Line, direct with Insurance Companies, through Brokers or Authorised Representatives, we welcome the opportunity to provide a free assessment of your Insurance Risk and recommend options for you to consider.

The opportunity to speak personally to a Professionally Qualified person is often unavailable.

Complaints to the Financial Ombudsman in respect of disputes with Insurers have increased significantly over recent years.

The Directors of VeriSure have a combined 80 years plus experience operating in the General Insurance Industry.

We are Independent Risk Advisors. That means you will be provided with full and frank information enabling you to make informed decisions which are in your best interests.

We are passionate about our Industry.

VeriSure are professional Risk Advisors and provide Services to all Insurance Buyers.

We have a Strict No Obligation Policy

This is a free service provided to enhance the Industry’s image with the insuring public.

It is one of the ways VeriSure, Give Back.

Feel free to contact us any time. We welcome your enquiry.