AR’s Partnering with VeriSure


We are continually interested in discussing the various opportunities for new or existing Authorised Representatives to partner with VeriSure.

Insurance professionals who embrace the Risk Advisor and Tailored solutions model for long term security and greater equity building capacity will most suit our Group.

Yes, this translates to only the best AR operators will be acceptable to our Group.

Risk Management principles and practices are the foundation of our Group. Our AR Model is specifically designed for the discerning Insurance Professional who embraces these concepts.

The times they are a changing. Expanding technology allowing Insurers, Disruptors and other Third Parties access to traditional Markets are continually challenging and increasingly competitive.

Recent Federal Government intervention dictates there exists uncertain times for AR’s, and this will be on-going.

The question for most AR’s will be to remain as a “generalist” with heightened possibilities of reduced incomes or move exclusively to the “specialist” markets where possibilities remain endless.

Most AR’s will need to re-evaluate their portfolios and redefine their operating models to maximise income and investment into the future.

If you are looking to cement a long-term professional career and are considering the AR Model or you are an AR reviewing your options, a discussion with VeriSure is recommended, if for no other reason, you will become better informed.

We look forward to hearing from you. There is no obligation, and it costs nothing to talk.