Staying Afloat : NEW Swimming Pool Requirements

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December 20, 2012
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Staying Afloat : NEW Swimming Pool Requirements

NEW Rules

Landlords MUST:

• On and from 29 April 2013, ensure that at the time a residential tenancy agreement is entered into, details of the pool have been registered and a copy of a Certificate of Compliance or an Occupation Certificate are provided to the tenant.

Owners (including strata corporations) MUST:

• Register details of their pool on or by 29 October 2013

penalty: maximum fine of $2,200

• register their details with the Director-General (or to the relevant local Council which will then forward the details to the Director-General of the Department of Premier and Cabinet).

Sellers of Property MUST:

• on and from 29 April 2014, include in the sale contract either the required Certificate of Compliance or Occupation Certificate (being less than 3 years old which authorises the use of the pool) if the sale includes a pool

failure: purchaser can end the contract within 14 days after the date of it.

• on and from 29 April 2014, include in the sale contract evidence that the pool has been registered if the sale includes a pool.

Local Councils MUST:

• develop and adopt a program for the inspection of swimming pools in their area by 29 April 2013.

• inspect swimming pools, if the pool owner requests them to do so.

• issue a Certificate of Compliance if, on inspection, the Council is satisfied that the requirements for issue have been met.

• liaise with the Director-General to ensure that details of a swimming pool received by the Council from a swimming pool owner and/or Certificates of Compliance issued by the Council are registered.

Developers MUST:

• ensure that Occupation Certificates issued for new developments authorise the use of swimming pools.

Action Plan :

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