Journey Claims No Longer Included Under NSW WorkCover
September 4, 2012
Trade Credit insurance hits GFC levels
October 23, 2012


Since the collapse of HIH, the introduction of the Financial Services Act, an increase in the authorities of APRA and the widening of powers by ASIC under the Corporations Law Act  control of the Insurance Market now rests firmly with the Insurance Companies.

The top five (5) or six (6) major Insurers now own in excess of forty (40) individual Brands between them. What Competition?

What you get is – Competition but on Insurers Terms! They control the Market.

What’s the Solution?

VeriSure’s premium and exclusive HPR SureGuard Program is designed to assist Businesses, Reduce Premiums, Ensure Compliance, Manage Claims, Increase Policy Cover, and satisfy other Strategic, Statutory, Financial and Risk requirements.

The Program, has been developed in conjunction with independent qualified Risk Engineers, Claims Adjustors, Financial Analysts, Legal Advisors and Insurance Professionals.

Adopting our SureGuard Program means current Insurance Policies are far more economical and less complex. You save money and get more cover!

What’s the next step?

A simple procedure really!

Step 1 :           We come to meet you personally and outline the benefits of our Program.

Step 2 :          We perform a Suitability Assessment on your Business.

Step 3 :          We evaluate the Assessment.

Step 4 :          We Report to you to determine if your  Business qualifies.

Step 5 :          You make an informed decision on the direction you want to take.

We warmly welcome enquiries from any Business.

Action Plan :

VeriSure are Specialists Risk Advisors.

Our commitment to providing the very best Policy Terms and Conditions at the most competitive Premium together with our professional Claims Advocacy is paramount.

Contact us for an extensive Risk Assessment today.

Knowledge then Security.