Journey Claims No Longer Included Under NSW WorkCover

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July 31, 2012
October 9, 2012

Journey Claims No Longer Included Under NSW WorkCover

NSW WorkCover Changes effective now!

A journey claim is an injury sustained while a worker is travelling between home and work while the worker is off duty.

The new laws mean coverage will only be available where there is a substantial connection between the person’s employment and the incident out of which the injury arose.

For example, if a nurse en route to work stops to assist at a car accident, and is subsequently injured on her way to work, he or she would be covered by workers compensation insurance.

Who will protect you’re most valuable investment in the event of an injury while on the way to work?

The cost of Attracting, Training, Up-skilling and Retaining your valued employees is a major consideration of all Businesses.

Every employee travels (Journey) to work each day.

Imagine them suffering an injury whilst on their way to work and not being able to meet their financial commitments for a few weeks or months.

Sure, you’re no longer legally liable under WorkCover but what about morally?

VeriSure will structure a policy to provide your employees with peace of mind whilst travelling to work each day.

Think of it as an employee benefit which will assist your business attract and retain important employees.

Capital Benefits and Weekly Benefits can range up to $100,000 and $1,500 per week respectively however lower and higher limits can be selected and premiums are a lot cheaper than the alternative.

Action Plan :

VeriSure are Specialists Risk Advisors.

Our commitment to providing the very best Policy Terms and Conditions at the most competitive Premium together with our professional Claims Advocacy is paramount.

Contact us for an extensive Risk Assessment today.

Knowledge then Security.