What’s Your Brokers Point of Difference?

Product Costs and HPR SureGuard
July 10, 2012
Alternative Thinking and HPR SureGuard
July 10, 2012

What’s Your Brokers Point of Difference?

Perhaps selecting a Broker who will work in your best interests and also provide value added services is a better overall option than just comparing Insurer’s premiums every couple of years.

By engaging two or more Brokers to operate and seek quotations for comparison in a restricted Market guarantees you will be paying more because your current Broker will exercise a fair degree of control over the process.

Do you know, for instance, the basis upon which your current Broker deals with you?

They must tell you each and every time they provide you with a Tax Invoice because that’s the law but you’d be only one of a vast majority who are completely unaware of the differences in the operating Models of many Brokers.

ASIC have banned Brokers from using terms such as, Independent, Unbiased and Impartial unless under quite onerous and strict conditions. Because many Brokers operate as Distribution Networks for Insurance Companies they cannot fulfill the requirements of being Independent, Unbiased and Impartial, yet Client’s should and deserve to expect more from a trusted service provider who they believe acts in an independent, unbiased and impartial manner when dealing with their Insurance.

VeriSure have developed the HPR SureGuard Program for the exclusive use of our valued Client’s. It is not available to any other Brokers.

Working with VeriSure through every step of the Program ensures that you are fully informed and any decisions are made based solely upon demonstrable independent, unbiased and impartial advice and service.

Our guarantee is simple. VeriSure have a systematic value added program free of any conflicts of interest, which is a major point of difference. We can and do guarantee VeriSure will provide you with better cover, and lower premiums over the long term through the exclusive use of our HPR SureGuard Program.

We have many existing Client’s who are more than happy to provide suitable testimonials.

Action Plan :

VeriSure are Specialists Risk Advisors.

Our commitment to providing the very best Policy Terms and Conditions at the most competitive Premium together with our professional Claims Advocacy is paramount.

Contact us for an extensive Risk Assessment today.

Knowledge then Security.