Product Costs and HPR SureGuard

VeriSure’s Exclusive HPR SureGuard Model
July 9, 2012
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July 10, 2012

Product Costs and HPR SureGuard

VeriSure’s HPR SureGuard Program is an effective management tool which analysies all components of insurance costs.

Like every Product, not just Insurance Policies, Fixed Costs and Variable Costs will determine the final to Consumer price of any Product and will also allow a Profit margin.

Within the Insurance Market Fixed Costs are determined by each individual Underwriter and are determined by the cost of Re-Insurance, Claims Costs and Allowances and Statutory obligation costs among others. It is difficult to negotiate down the effect of these Fixed Costs on any Insurance Policy, however there are systematic changes which can be put in place and result in lower fixed costs. This will result in a lower end Premium to consumers.

Variable Costs are the most critical area of potential saving for any Consumer. Each individual Underwriter’s variable costs will differ considerably depending upon any number of Administration, Regulartory, and Profit requirement considerations.

It is argued that Variable Costs make up a minimum of 48% plus of most Insurance policies.

VeriSure’s HPR SureGuard program provides a systematic alalysis of each policy which identifies specific areas allowing VeriSure to target them during negotiations with Underwriters resulting in lower premiums.

Through the use of our HPR SureGuard program VeriSure are able to identify and guarantee premium savings, some of which can be significant.

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