Choosing the right Cover for your Motor Vehicle or Vehicles :

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August 11, 2011
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Choosing the right Cover for your Motor Vehicle or Vehicles :

If you think choosing the cheapest premium is the only consideration when choosing your motor vehicle insurance, consider these other factors :

1. Types of policies – Private, Business, Commercial, Fleet and Heavy Motor.

2. Usage – full usage, restricted usage, recreational usage, laid up cover.

3. Type of cover – comprehensive, third party property damage only, third party fire  and theft.

4. Settlement options – Agreed value or market value

5. Replacement vehicle following write off for vehicle up to “X” number of years?

6. Options –
i. Windscreen Cover– is an excess charged and does the claim affect your

No Claim Bonus?

ii. theft of personal property, business property inside the vehicle – is this covered?

iii. is your no claims bonus protected if you are at fault in an accident?

iv. do you need to hire a vehicle following theft?

v.  do you need to hire a vehicle following accident?

vi. is there cover for replacement of signwriting?

vii. can you insure against your lease payments if your vehicle is off the road due

to an accident?

7. Cover for any driver, restricted drivers, nominated drivers, young drivers

8. Option to buy higher basic excess

9. No Fault  – no excess?

10. Choice of repairer

11. Choice of assessment centre

12. Claim lodgement by phone or form?

13. Does your insurer insist on second hand parts?

14. Is there an Option to buy back salvage following a write off?

15. Is there a Lifetime guarantee on repairs?

16. Australian Owned Insurer? – does the premium stay here in Australia or go overseas?

Premium cost is only one consideration.

Have you considered the other issues?

Action Plan :

VeriSure are Specialists Risk Advisors.

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