Labour Hire = Hire (Higher) Costs To Your Business

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August 1, 2011
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August 9, 2011

Labour Hire = Hire (Higher) Costs To Your Business

Your current staff levels will not be able to meet demand so you turn to a Labour Hire Company because it will be cost effective. BUT! Have you considered :

1. If you have adequate or in fact, any, Liability Cover for Labour Hire Employees.

2. The long term costs to your Liability and Workers Compensation insurance in event of claims.

Do you have a specific written agreement in place with the Labour Hire Company?

Any organisation who takes on Labour Hire employees owes them a duty of care equivalent to that which an employer owes to an employee.

Employers owe employees a very high standard of care.

Where a claim has a workplace connection, the Civil Liability Act, DOES NOT apply, which means that YOU lose the benefit of tort law reform in workplace claims.

Action Plan :

VeriSure are Specialists Risk Advisors.

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