Work Place Safety : Fall & Fatality and $190,000 in Fines

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August 1, 2011
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August 1, 2011

Work Place Safety : Fall & Fatality and $190,000 in Fines

The NSW Industrial Court has recently handed down fines totalling $190,000 following the prosecution of a company involved in a breach of the Occupational Health and Safety Act,2000 in connection with the death of an employee from a fall at work.

Strata Build Pty Limited and its director were both prosecuted for breaches of the OH&S Act, Strata Build for failing to ensure the health and safety at work of an employee and the director pursuant to the deeming provisions that render a person concerned in the management of a corporation liable to prosecution for the same offence.

Strata Build Pty Limited operates a painting business. An employee of the company was undertaking painting work at an apartment complex. He was working on an extension ladder without harnesses or fall protection painting the external surfaces of apartment. The extension ladder was used to access the balcony of the second floor and as the employee got close to the top of the ladder, the ladder started to move and became unsteady and the employee fell and his injuries proved to be fatal.

There was no risk assessment carried out in relation to the use of an extension ladder.

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