Management Liability
June 1, 2011


Under Insurance is like purchasing a new motor vehicle without the wheels.

Great to look at and touch, even to sit in, but not much use otherwise. For less than $1,000.00 you can actually make it do what it was intended to do and purchased for!

Your Business Insurance is the same.

Yes you have it, but does it do what you expect it to?

When you look at the statstics from all the major catastrophies in recent times, Newcastle Storms, Cyclone Yasi, Brisbame Floods, Lockyer Valley Storms, Victoria Storms, Victorian Bushfires and WA Bushfires the evidence is unquestionable.

There was and still is significant under insurance in the Australian Market.

In the Newcastle Storms alone over 60% of Businesses did not get back into Business due to Under Insurance.

Who pays the Business Loans?

Who pays the Home Mortgage?

Who pays the School Fees?

Who replaces a liftimes work and effort?

Who tells their loyal staff they are no longer employed?

Who thinks about them experiencing the same difficulties?

Do not underestimate the human cost of Under Insurance.

Put wheels on your Insurance Policies and be in the drivers seat.

VeriSure believe this is a critical area. It is vitally important to ensure the adequacy of your Sums Insured.

Action Plan :

VeriSure are Specialists Risk Advisors.

Our commitment to providing the very best Policy Terms and Conditions at the most competitive Premium together with our professional Claims Advocacy is paramount.

Contact us for an extensive Risk Assessment today.

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